Site Anatomy

The study group "Site Anatomy" at Bergen Academy of Art and Design is an evolving discursive study group who will meet to participate in lectures, presentations, discussions and text readings. The group has an overall focus on site specific art practice. The study group's focus is on research based learning through the evolving discourse.

Talks in the study group will be formed of a mixture of invited speakers and in house staff and students at Bergen Academy of Art and Design(KHiB). The group is aimed at those with an interest in site specifity and/or ideas of place, territory and situation. The group will meet regularly at KHiB throughout the academic year.

The group's meetings focus will evolve according to how the discourse develops and this is derived by those who take part in it; each participant will involve themselves in the evolution of the meetings. This means that texts and talks will be responsive to the discussion and vice versa. Participation could involve investigating individuals work, texts, questions proposed to the group, images, this will be determined by the participants.

Presentations will not be limited to powerpoint style, each individual can choose how they format this participation.

On top of the discussion based meetings, talks and lectures will be arranged, a minimum of 2 per semester.

Site Anatomy is grown out of the research project Topographies of The Obsolete and is open to all KHiB students with a general interest in the site specific.