"...riddled with defects and tiny fractures"

Solo exhibition at Galleri Fisk by Topographies of the Obsolete participant Erna Elinbjørg Skúladóttir.

This exhibition shows artistic processes which are related to Skúladóttir's work during her participation in Topographies of the Obsolete, as she works with ruin as both concept and material. Her artistic practice continues to have a strong connection to the ongoing discourse within the artistic research project.

Opening friday 21st of February 19.00 - 22.00
Exhibition open sat/sun 14.00 - 18.00

Description of the project

By using drawing and manipulating a place and a space as a raw material in itself, the work will explore the balance between creation and destruction. 

The process of ruination is a gradual one and marks that have come to being with time and use of the buildings, sites or objects highlight the tear and wear of a space, surroundings or objects. They link together the time period from before to what will happen later by revealing old tensions and by that re-connecting the marks of time with a narrative which is embedded within the architecture itself. 

"... everything is the ruin of what came before. A table is the ruin of a tree..." 
(Solnit, R. Landscapes for Politics, University of California Press, 2008)

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