...when people get to the end there's always the brick...

Presentation of works made, or related to those made, during a research residency in the ‘Brick-Coast’ factories outside Graasten, Southern Denmark, 9 – 21 September 2013.

This exhibition, presented in Rom8, Bergen Academy of Art and Design, has strong relations to the ongoing discourse to be found within Topographies of the Obsolete, and involves several of our collaborating institutions.

Exhibitors: Lasse Arikstad MA2, Maria Jonsson BA3, Henrik Koppen BA2 & Maria Magdi Gabraiel BA2, together with Associate Professor Richard Launder, Bergen Academy of Art and Design.

Opening Thursday 6th of February at 19:30.

Description of the project

This research based teaching project addresses the phenomenon Brick:
• as the universal architectural artifact with 10,000 years of existence
• as raw or conceptual material/process for sculpture/installation/performative/contextual or site-specific works
• All that the brick factory represents (raw material, process, work skills, social setting, economic, products) is seen as context as well as material with which to intervene, interact.

An on-site research residency has the powerful impact of the total context: its realities - histories, geologies, process, materials produced, social, cultural and economic complexities: context. The opportunity for research embedded teaching, involving field-work is of high value (this factory immersion is in diametric contrast to the studio experience normally available to students) and as such offers a different insight/ experience into the many dimensions of Site-Specificity, Site-Sensitivity & other inter-related contemporary art practices & theoretical positions: Participatory/ Relational, Place/Space, Location etc.

KHiB was invited by the organising Academy: Muthesius Academy of Fine Art & Design, Kiel D; to participate in this research residency, together with partner institutions: Royal Danish Academy of Art, Copenhagen DK & Aalto University, Helsinki FI & funded via the Erasmus University Charter & KHIB Research Based Teaching Project Funding. Petersen Brickworks, was the home-base, but 5 other partner brickworks, also formed the contextual or material/process base from which each participants worked - much rainy-cycling was involved to link these sites.

The project will stretch over the next few years, with yearly research residencies, together with an autonomous follow-up/continuation program at 'home' academies.

Internal collaborators at KHiB and their roles:
Four students: Lasse Arikstad MA2. Maria Jonsson BA3, Henrik Koppen BA2 & Maria Magdi Gabraiel BA2, together with Associate Professor Richard Launder participated on-site, Professor Anne Helen Mydland, visited to give a lecture - all involved are from Fine Art Dept at KHiB.

Title is a quote from the article 'There are now two America's. My country is a horror show. Capitalism is not a blueprint for building a society.' Written by the Creator of The Wire, David Simon, The Observer 08.12.13. (about tolerance concerning the financial inequality of western societies)

Images from opening night at Rom8, Bergen Academy of Art and Design, Norway.

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