"Abration" by Erna Skúladóttir and Karin Blomgren

Topographies of the Obsolete participants Karin Blomgren and Erna Skúladóttir exhibit together at Visningsrommet USF in Bergen.

The exhibition opens Thursday 11th of February at. 19.00.

Tuesday-Sunday. 12.00 to 17.00.
Thursday. From 12.00 to 20.00.

The exhibition is open until Sunday 28th of February.


Blomgrens and Skúladóttirs first collaboration was "Deposit" at Kraft, in the Vault, spring 2015. They take with them the experiences aquired from there when they now occupy Visningsrommet USF, a significantly larger area for their massive installations of raw clay.

They have a strong focus on site-specific factors in their work processes. Characteristics of the exhibition site and adjacent areas influences the work for the exhibition. The title of the project, "Abrasion", means wear, sanding down, corrosion - an ongoing process at USF where the sea meets the mountains. It says something about the topic of this project; cycles of a beginning and an end, of movement and change in materials.

Blomgren and Skúladóttir examine the properties of clay and its impact on the environment and architecture. Two types of materials are used in "Abration": the mass in the installation consists of cob, a mixture of clay, sand and straw. Over the cob is the Terra Sigillata. These are the finest particles in the clay after sedimentation and they generate a shiny surface. Historically, this is the first material used for glazing. The artists link the material to processes occurring in the sea; formation and distribution of new materials, movements and sedimentation.


Erna Skúladóttir has an MA in Fine Art from KHiB (2014) and has been active in many projects; among the latter is the solo exhibition at Galleri Fisk and group exhibitions in Kunstgarasjen and Ung.Lovende at PunktØ in Moss. She has participated in the ongoing project "Topographies of the Obsolete" (Stoke-on-Trent / Bergen) since 2012.

Karin Blomgren has an MA in Fine Art from KHiB 2014. Among her recent projects outside "Deposit" was UDO (Unidentified Drawing Object) in connection with Hardbakka Ruins Project at Møhlenpris 2015 installation in Galleri Puls and "Reinstalled Walk" in Bergen Kunsthall. She has also participated in "Topographies of the Obsolete" since 2012.


Their next collaboration will take place on "Tendenser" at Galleri F15 / PunktØ in March-June 2016.