Richard Launder and collaborators at BCB conference 2013

Richard Launder and Julia Collura will perform "Glancing at Spode", and Richard will be contributing to the programme for Between Studio and Factory: BCB 2013 Conference along with Glen Stoker and Dimitri Launder.


Spode ∧ WORKS:future platforms

To discuss & elaborate upon possible cultural art/ceramic futures for a part of the old Spode Works factory. Drawing upon the in-depth experience & knowledge that the panel represents in relation to artist driven initiatives, in the Stoke on Trent area, London, Bergen and elsewhere.

Visions & thoughts for a future cultural platform for art/ceramic will be presented, together with possible creative partners/collaborators (artistic/cultural/ financial/organisational/legal/structural/etc.) How, importantly, does this connect to the locality, the social community, as well as the larger national/ international scene?  

Establishing an art/ceramic platform in the buildings will activate a magnet for creatives to home in on Stoke and establish themselves, and/or be active in making works during residencies, from which the murmur of rumor will spread. It follows that infrastructures will be needed to support them (an echo of the relationship of the ceramic industry, with its interconnected infrastructures)

An ambitious, inclusively plural, heterarchic and innovative position will be elaborated upon to locate a new, dynamic art/ceramic future into the former Spode Works site - in dialogue between the panelists & audience.

Stoke on Trent: an Art City, a Phoenix.


Richard Launder(chair): Professor KHIB, Topographies of the Obsolete participant at Spode Works & London based artist.

Glen Stoker: Airspace Gallery, plus earlier Warehouse project & local independent artist (precise knowledge/experience of the locality)

Dimitri Launder: initiator & director AREA 10: Project Space, Peckham (massive warehouse) London (7 years+); cultural participatory activist/curator/director and independent artist.

"Glancing at Spode"

Performance along with Julia Collura; a collaborative, contextual, processional performance on-site at the former Spode Works factory, Stoke on Trent, UK.

Final performance: 19.00 Thursday 17th October 2013. Description available here.


Header image: Richard Launder "ROUTEMASTER:Spode Office, Desktop: detail of Derive"