Andrew Brown

Andrew Brown (1959, UK) lives in Derbyshire. He studied undergraduate level at Nottingham Trent University and his Masters at York St. John University. He is senior lecturer in Fine Art at Nottingham Trent University.


Andrew Brown has created diverse solo sonic and collaborative projects since the early 1980s, working in performance, sound, still and moving image. He is co-founder of the live cinema/percussion ensemble Left Hand Right Hand and jointly established the independent press Tak Tak Tak. He is a former editor of Live Art Magazine and author of Trial: a study of the creative process in Reckless Sleepers' Schrödinger's Box, and has written extensively for arts publications, including Dance Theatre Journal. 

Artist statement

My artistic practice is concerned with noticing and extracting elements from the everyday, before subtly changing and placing them back in their original contexts. My interests span threshold spaces and moments betwixt and between, explored through participatory performance, especially walking, and other more-or-less embodied experiences. Re-performance, or retracing of footsteps, are significant features of my artworks, exploring places and moments in time.

Andrew Brown's  profile at Nottingham Trent University.



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