Anne Stinessen

Anne Stinessen (1987, Norway) lives in Bergen and will finish her BA in fine arts at Bergen Academy of Art and Design in spring 2014.


Anne Stinessen (born 1987) from Bergen, Norway is currently studying at Bergen Academy of Art and Design and will finish her Bachelor's degree in fine arts spring 2014. Her works are often based within ceramics where she mainly works with porcelain, but usually combined with graphics, photography or drawing. She is influenced by a fascination for human nature combined with science fiction, the internet and the love of animals. 

Artist statement

My work focus on the relationship between human and human-made and how we as a species fit in with the rest of the world. My main goal is not to criticize, but to explore the ways we make things easier or more difficult for ourselves, how we build obstacles both in physical and mental ways. I often use animals or inanimate objects in my works as a contrast to the human way of over-thinking things and ignoring our basic instincts. I'm fascinated by how far off we've come compared to earths other inhabitants both in positive and negative ways, and how we've evolved to become both leaders of the world and it's biggest threat. How can we be so incredibly smart and so incredibly stupid at the same time?



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