Bjarte Bjørkum

Brief studies in Nordic languages, English and Art history at the University of Oslo. Profound studies at Konstfack in Stockholm and Bergen Academy of Art and Design. He is now a technician in photography at Bergen Academy of Art and Design.


Born 24th of June 1967 in Skedsmo, Norway. Based (or stuck) in Bergen, Norway. 

Artist statement

Do your best not to have an artistic statement.

Interest in Spode

I'm fond of obsolete rooms, as in unseen rooms. I like to investigate the photographic view of the non-beholder, which sort of links to the thing in itself.

Also working with multitudes of objects taking over a room, creating patterns from an arbitrary starting point.

Bjarte Bjørkum has photodocumented all the processes of all participating artists involved in Topographies of the Obsolete. All of the pictures shown on this website, with few exeptions, are taken by him.