Chloë Brown

Chloë Brown (1964, UK) lives and works in Sheffield. She has a BA in Fine Art from Reading University, and her MA in Sculpture from Chelsea College of Art and Design. Brown is Course Leader of Fine Art, BA, Sheffield Hallam University.


Chloë Brown is a visual artist using film, sculpture, taxidermy, book works and drawing in her practice.

Recent exhibitions include:The Hum, LoBe Gallery, Berlin (2011),Isola di San Michele,Basement Gallery, Vienna, Austria (2011), Video Screening at The International Seminar on Art and Nature, Goethe Institute, Sao Paulo, Brazil (2011),AbbaraCadabra,Mardin Biennial, Turkey (2010),Aller à Ouessant: Vidéo sur L'Île # 2,Festival of video art on the island of Ouessant , France (2010),The Animal Gaze, Unit 2 Gallery, London and The Peninsula Arts Gallery, Plymouth (2009),Tier-Perspektivenat Georg-Kolbe-Museum, Berlin (2009) and the Sheffield Pavilion at the Istanbul Biennial  (2009).

Artist statement

Chloë Brown's work ranges across a number of differing themes or subjects including deliberations on animals; how humans see non-human animals and the communication or, more often than not, lack of communication, with other species. In other pieces she also considers ideas of the North in relation to the landscape of the far North of Norway.

The focus of Brown's work for Topographies of the Obsolete is on the landscape of post industry and takes the disused Spode factory in Stoke-on-Trent as its critical prompt, as defined by the factory's history, legacy and socio-political context. Brown's approach employs methods of sculptural practice, site-specific intervention and film in order to develop poignant narratives questioning these contexts. Her film Dancing in the Boardroom (Turnin' My Heartbeat Up) follows this enquiry through the filming of two dancers dancing to Northern Soul in the boardroom of the factory creating a piece that is both haunting and uplifting.

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Dancing in the Boardroom

Article in Antennae Journal of Nature in Visual Culture (issue 7)

The Art of Taxidermy

by Jane Eastoe

Published by Pavilion (Anova Books, London), October 2012,

ISBN 978 1 86205 987 0

This book acts as a survey of artists who use taxidermy and
features Brown's work alongside Maurizio Cattelan, David Shrigley, Emily Mayer,
Polly Morgan and Angela Singer

Brutalist Speculations and Flights of Fancy                                                     

Published by Site Gallery, 2011

ISBN: 978 1 899926 18 3

This publication considers six of Sheffield's Brutalist buildings and explores the place that these buildings hold in the city today. Twenty-five artists and writers from London, Sheffield and Berlin were invited to contribute. Three notable writers on the urban landscape and architecture give a historical and social context and speculations of their own. Project conceived by Julie Westerman.

Christl Mudrak, Dominique Hurth, Olivia Reynolds with Jon Moscow, Ines Lechleitner, Irene Pätzug , Oliver Zwink, Valentin Hertweck, Peter Klare, Stephan Hüsch, Michelle Atherton, Chloë Brown, Matthew Harrison, Jaspar Joseph-Lester, Sharon Kivland, T C McCormack, Penny McCarthy, Becky Shaw, Gary Simmonds, Hester Reeve, Andrew Sneddon,  and Julie Westerman.

Owen Hatherley, Professor Steve Pile andProfessor Jane Rendell

Killing Animals

by The Animal Studies Group

Published by the University of Illinois Press, Urbana and Chicago, 2006.

ISBN: 0 252 07290 1

Steve Baker writes about Chloë Brown's practice in relation to the issue of the use of taxidermy in contemporary art. An image of her piece "A Fragile Happiness" is the cover image.

Transmission: Speaking & Listening

volume two, 2004

Edited by Sharon Kivland and Lesley Sanderson. Published by Sheffield Hallam University and Site Gallery, Sheffield. ISBN 1-8999-2626-7 Distributed by Cornerhouse.

A publication of essays and transcripts taken from artists who took part in the lecture series "Transmission: Speaking and Listening", which took place at The Showroom Cinema, Sheffield during 2003.

With Grayson Perry, Tom Hunter, Mariele Neudecker, Michael Archer, Clémentine Deliss, Sophie Benson, Mark Farrington, Claude Heath, Frances Hegarty, Joan Key, Alice Maude-Roxby, Erin Mouré, Jacques Nimki, Zineb
Sedira, DJ Simpson, Daniel Sturgis, Mark Aerial Waller, Darian Leader and Sarah Wigglesworth.

Repetivity - Platforms and Approaches for Publishing

Plymouth Arts Centre

February 2000  ISBN 0 901437 50 6

Published by RGAP, selected by Simon Cutts & Colin Sackett.

To accompany an exhibition of artists books and small publishers including: Aggie Weston's, Coracle, John Dilnot Books, Folding Landscapes, Tony Hayward, Inventory, Mermaid Turbulence, Morning Star, Moschatel Press, Mark Pawson, RGAP,Colin Sackett, WAX366, Weproductions, Wild Hawthorn Press and Writers Forum.

Coming Ready or Not

January 2000 edition 300 ISBN 0 9530896 2 2

By Chloë Brown. Published by Chloë Brown in association with RGAP. A series of drawings describe a narrative. To accompany the site-specific sound piece by Chloë Brown sited on the Chiltern Sculpture Trail, Oxfordshire.

Acoustic Shadows

Site Gallery, Sheffield

C.D. and publication 
Acoustic Shadows  April 1999
edition 1000  ISBN 1 899926 35 6

Published by R.G.A.P.

To accompany an exhibition of sound works. With Johannes Maier, Shirley MacWilliam, J.Ainley & Rodger Brown, Gerhard Stäbler, Lindsey Adams, Robert Girling, Martin Rogers, Jürgen Kierspel, Penny McCarthy and Craig Richardson.

Artists Books


April 1999 second edition of 20, ISBN 0 9530896 1 4

The Waters

June 1997  edition 500  ISBN 0 9530896 0 6

Both published by Chloë Brown in association with RGAP (Research Group for Artists Publications, University of Derby) in conjunction with the installation The Waters.