Corrina Thornton

Corrina Thornton (1978, UK) is now Based in Bergen, Norway. She has a BA in Ceramics from Bath Spa University, 2008 and a MA degree in Fine Art from Bergen National Academy of Art and Design, 2011. She now works as a research assistant for Topographies of the Obsolete at Bergen Academy of Art and Design.


Corrina Thornton was born in Wales, amidst a landscape of mud, hills, horses and sheep. After some years moving between the USA and UK she relocated back to a house 500 meters from the one she was born in. Following these early years of transience she moved to various other countries before settling in Bergen. Her work focuses on understanding and finding the essence of places, materials, the meeting points between these things and herself.

Artist statement

The focus of my work is to engage in conversations between different materials and spaces. Bringing different families of matter together into unions; sometimes they argue, sometimes they collude, sometimes they do both.

My background in ceramics is present, but nowadays a variety of materials are available. Yet I feel very loyal to ceramics, it aches to be touched, but repels at the same time. It takes the form of bodily extensions in day-to-day life, transporting fuel into our bodies. We have an intimate relationship with clay; we know how it feels in our hands, its weight, its density, but we also know its brittleness, its frailty. Fragility connects to my interest in the idea of home, and how we can, or can't feel a sense of belonging to one location. Ideas of home and belonging are re-evaluated, and the varied meanings and potentiality owned by different matter is explored.



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