Danica Maier

Danica Maier (USA) is based in Lincolnshire and Nottingham. She completed an MFA in painting before receiving an MA in Textiles from Goldsmiths in 2002. Maier is Senior Lecturer in Fine Art at Nottingham Trent University and coordinates The Summer Lodge a two-week artist residency held annually in the Fine Art studios.


She has exhibited and curated exhibitions nationally and internationally including museum solo exhibition at The Collection Museum as part of a seven month research residency within their textile archive and curation of major exhibition of work by British based artists Unpicked and Dismantled, as part of the Kaunas Art Biennale. Maier has participated in numerous artists residency programs including; Braziers (UK); FundaciĆ³n Migliorisi (Paraguay); textile research residency with Gasworks/VASL (Karachi, Pakistan); the apprenticeship at the Fabric Workshop and Museum (Philadelphia). She also is director and curator of The Broadcaster: a pair of usual exhibition venues in the guise of village notice boards.

Artist statement

Maier is an artist and academic whose practice often references textiles but seldom uses them directly in her artwork. Recently her work has followed drawing and the domestic object with a particular interest in stitch, (text)iles, and the decorative; using subtle slippages and moments of detail to transgress propriety. The objects relationship to drawing has become more pronounced until the object has now taken over and has become the work. Using understated visual cues; image and object(s) appear as veiled details and suggestive moments. The viewer is required to spend time with the work (looking and walking) to encounter these moments of hidden depth. This is found in moments of looking into, on top of, hidden in plan site (small details against a large scale) or in subtle text that appears as the drawn line. Once seen these subtle transgressions can compel the viewer to think twice about the expected norm they see around them everyday.






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Reflections on the process during the two first workshops.


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