Erna Elinbjørg Skúladóttir

Erna Elinbjørg Skuladottir (1983, Iceland) is based in Bergen. She did two years of her BA studies in Reykjavík School of Art and completed her BA at Bergen National Academy of Art and Design. Which is were she is currently studying for her MA in Fine Art.


Erna is an Icelandic girl who grew up on the country side. She has varied interests, combining art, travel, coffee, nature, and walking. Erna first studied art as a foundation year after high school but full time after dropping out of anthropology some years ago.

Artist statement

As the time passes layers are constantly being made, by nature or by mankind. To oppose those two as battling forces and see them as different entities enables us to see the interaction in a different light. Together they make up timelines which are constantly being interrupted, torn apart or reconnected. Layers of roots, concrete, dust, weeds, trash, history, emotion and people, they are all marks which are tangled together and which have come to being with time. They connect the past, now and the future.

I use tools such as emphasizing, hiding, erasing, cleaning and fixing, and play with the value and status of objects, places and ideas. I play with that which is unbelievable within the real. Monuments and Vanitas. Poetics. Natural disasters and manmade (natural) disasters. Veins, blood and roots. The ground and the soil.



Impressions of Matter in Motion

From the blog

Site specific work in progress in an abandoned paint factory.

From Last Time till Next Time