Jane Sverdrupsen

Jane Sverdrupsen (1979, Norway) is based in Bergen, Norway after finishing her MA degree in Fine Art at Bergen Academy of Art and Design in 2013, where she also got her BA in printmaking. She now works as a research assistant for Topographies of the Obsolete at Bergen Academy of Art and Design.


During the later years Sverdrupsen has mainly worked with installation and mixed media sculpture. She makes use of ready-mades and digital media in her work. A portion of her projects are site-specific or site-related. Imagery and information related to the natural sciences play an important part in Sverdrupsen's artistic work as she investigates the element of subjectivity in contrast to authority in scientific contexts.

Jane Sverdrupsen´s area of responsibility as a research assistant is to administrate information about the artistic research project online.

Artist statement

Scientific questions are cultural questions. The same issues can be addressed within different fields of research. Both science and art continuously produce results that have an impact on our worldview. With this in mind, I work artistically with the framework and authority of scientific knowledge and its dissemination. Mainly in relation to the subject in the role as generator and as receiver of this information. Different research communities play a role in what can be seen as a knowledge grid, adding up to a whole that constitutes the information society. It is important to take a look at the structures that regulate this knowledge production.




From the blog

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