Johan Sandborg

Johan Sandborg (1954) is based in Bergen, Norway. He works as associate professor in photography at Bergen Academy of Art and Design, where he also is Pro-Rector.


Since August 2010 Johan Sandborg has been Pro-Rector at Bergen Academy of Art and Design (KHiB).

He is working on artistic research projects "Bridge to Bridge" and  "In a Place Like This" in addition to his involvement in "Re-place" and "Topographies of the Obsolete". Johan Sandborg has worked extensively as a photographic artist since 1978 and has had major exhibitions in Norway, Europe and America. His work spans from personal snapshots, photographic landscapes to digitally generated images, and deals with the relationship between the reader and the photographic image.

Artist statement

He has an interest in representation and the photographic image, "inter-image" narratives, photographic survey and the notion of the archive.

"The photographic image is by far one of the most dominate object in the western culture. We rely on it to make sense of the world around us. Through it's surface we experience events that are beyond our immediate surroundings. In many cases we trust the photographic image more that we trust our eyes. As an artist I'm skeptical of this ease of acceptance, but at the same time I'm fascinated by luring powers of the photographic picture."



The Random Factor of Dynamic Memory Allocation