Karen Harsbo

Karen Kitani Harsbo (1963, Japan) lives in Denmark. She studied ceramics and glass at Danish Design School, 1982-87. She works as an associate professor at Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art, Copenhagen


She works as an artist, ceramist and curator in addition to her position as associate professor at Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art, Copenhagen.

Education: 1982-87  Danish Design School, ceramics and glass

Exhibitions (in selection):

Sculpture Biannual, Copenhagen, DK. Inner Mongolia Art Museum and Yalu River Art Museum, China, "Happenstance" with Neil Brownsword, Galery A.Linnemann DK, Vejen Art Museum,DK, Trapholt Museum, DK, Charlottenborg, DK.

Curated ( in selection):

 "The Magic of Clay", at Gl.Holtegård, DK, with A. Tovborg including: Ai Wei Wei, John Kørner, Greyson Perry, David Cushway, Clare Twomey, Linda Sormin, Alexandra Engelfried.

" The White Gold" at Royal Copenhagen and Vejen Art Museum, DK

Artist statement

I am occupied by how thoughts and knowledge travel in and through materials, and how material traveling between cultures and in history is accompanied with knowledge and ideas.

Having ceramic as my basic material I use its raw materials for experimenting and exploring methods and ideas, and to study its long interconnection with history and culture.

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