Karin Blomgren

Karin Blomgren (1987, Sweden) is based in Bergen. She is currently studying MA in fine arts at Bergen Academy of Art and Design. She has a BA in Ceramics at Bergen Academy of Art and Design.


Now in her final year of her masters in fine arts at Bergen National Academy of Art and Design, Norway, (KHiB), Karin Blomgren mainly focuses on site specific work. The participation in Topografies of the Obsolete has been an important part of that practice. She has finished several years of ceramic studies with two years foundation at Leksands Folkhögskola, Sweden, and a BA at KHiB. Karin was born in Sweden but is now contentedly settled in Norway and Bergen.

Artist statement

to mark


1. make a visible impression or stain on.

2. write a word or symbol on (an object) in order to give information.

3. indicate the position of.

6. notice or pay careful attention to.

-Oxford dictionary of English


There is something fragile and temporary over a derelict place. Weather and explorers could change it at any time on its way to ruin. This moment, glorious and tactile, is what I want to pay close attention to, point at, and make a stain or symbol on. Symbols, charts and systems make it possible for me to work and understand sites. The markers used are simple materials like clay, paper and tape. By perceiving tactility, shape and space I lead you to actually see and, thereby, consider the chosen site.


Place and Space


Site specific work in progress in an abandoned paint factory.

Space Drawings