Laura Garbers

Laura Garbers (1987, Germany) was born in Lüneburg. Since 2006 she has been a student of the Muthesius Kunsthochschule, Kiel and is now in her MA studies there.


Laura Garbers studied sculpture with Prof. Elisabeth Wagner. 2010 Bachelor of Arts. Since 2010 enrolled in the Master Program in Fine Arts and Ceramic with Prof.Dr Kerstin Abraham. 

Artist statement

The focus of my investigation is the conceptual work with and in a given space. I mostly worked with extensive installations, however I also used other mediums and forms for my artistic work. I am interested in the rituals and the traditions of the everyday life, which are changed and developed parallel to society. I get a special kind of inspiration from the old shapes from jars, which used to have functions for the washhouse and the kitchen and which were replaced nowadays by new shapes and machines. Obsolete things like the washing jug and bowl, thimbles or canning pots still exist in our collective memory. The object is always in a dialogue with its surroundings. Things of the daily life turn into a material.