Margrethe Kolstad Brekke

Margrethe Kolstad Brekke (1979, Norway) is based in Bergen. She is currently studying at the MA programme at Bergen Academy of Art and Design.


Have done art at sites, and about or with sites, since early age in various formats. Some examples: -Off-venue project in 2nd WW bombshelter during Momentum Biennale in Moss 2000. -Various sitespecific work in the United Arab Emirates (there awarded with Sheika Manuala Young artist Award for photodocumentation of one of the projects) and the Baltics, while working in these regions as an interior decorator.

Currently involved in a variety of site-related projects as an MA-student at the Bergen Academy of Art and Design. Is in the autumn of 2013 responsible for a site-specific fringe-activity during Bergen Assembly.

Artist statement

Most of my work so far, fundamented in the emotional charge of a material and/or a place, has been produced in memory of the previous epoch Pleistocene, and the possibly previous, possibly still current epoch Holocene.

But now, and at least until the working group in the Geological Society of London have gathered and discussed their evidence and decided wheather or not we currently exist, and have existed since the 1950ties in the geological epoch of the Anthropocene, all my artistic studies and attempts are aimed at this situation,sort of asking: what will be the human condition in the Anthropocene?


From Site Reflections

Topographic Watercolour

Information about Margrethe's work processes "Accelerated Expressionism/Topographic Watercolour"

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Site specific workshop initiated by Lisa Stenbro,  Yas Island UAE, February 2013