Morten Modin

Morten Modin (1981, Denmark) is based in Copenhagen. He has previously been studying math, physics and anthropology. He is currently studying at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, and studied at Helsinki Art Academy (KUVA) from 2007 to 2008.


The Royal Danish Art Academy (2008-)
Helsinki Art Academy (KUVA) (2007-2008)


Sejerøfestivalen (Installation)
Spildstof (solo show at BKS Garage)
Airspace Gallery (in connection with the workshop), Stoke-On-Trent, England

Rom8, Bergen (in connection with the workshop)
Rundgang atThe Royal Danish Art Academy
Gallery Pi (group exhibition)

Rundgang atThe Royal Danish Art Academy
BKS Garage (gallery, group exhibition)
Public installation for the City of Copenhagen
Portræt NU! (adjudicated exhibition) at Frederiksborg Castle

Rundgang atThe Royal Danish Art Academy
Den Frie Efterårsudstilling (adjudicated exhibition)
Galleri Q (group)
Helsinki art gallery (two group exhibitions)
Gallery Bomhuset

Artist statement

My art practice encompassed processes of experimenting, constructing, programming, and collaborating. I use a big variety of materials. My Installations touch basic questions about space and interaction while my sculptures connect space, materials, process and history in new understandings.

My practice has roots in metaphysic, philosophy, anthropology and architect.

Article in Kopenhagen Magasin:

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Past works that relate to new ideas for Spode.