Øyvind Suul

Øyvind Suul (1967, Norway) lives and works in Oslo. He has a BFA (1994) and an MFA (1996) in Ceramics, National College of Art and Design, Oslo, Norway (SHKS)


He has worked as associate Professor in Clay and Ceramics, Bergen Academy of Art and Design and as associate Professor, Head of Subject area Ceramics, Dept. of Specialised Art, Bergen Academy of Art and Design (2004-2007).

Artist statement

In general my artwork is a fusion between organic and industrial inspirations, aiming to create as many associations as possible and opening for a wide range of individual interpretations. I consider most of my work to be the product of an absurd combination of associations - always expressed in the form of a visual question and addressed to assumed denominators in the public's cultural background and experience. It is often both positively and negatively charged, capable of generating uncomfortable and macabre associations as well as humorous ones. I often mix different materials in my sculptural work. Not just for the visual contrast, but also as an emphasis of the concept behind it.