Sabine Popp

Sabine Popp (1970, Germany) is living and working in Bergen, Norway, where she gained the MA degree in ceramics from the Bergen Academy of Art and Design, influenced by studies at the Sculpture Department at the University of Barcelona and the Environmental Art Department at the Glasgow School of Arts. She is assistant professor at Bergen Academy of Art and Design, and member of the studio collective Bergen Ateliergruppe.


Sabine Popp is a visual artist and has based her practice mainly on site-specific, temporary projects, following her interest for life in the High North. She has been involved in cross-disciplinary projects and shown work in Scandinavia, Slowakia and the UK. Sabine Popp is in collaboration with Clare Reynolds for parts of the project  Work Study.

Clare Reynolds is currently completing a Masters Degree at Staffordshire University in 'Community and Participatory Arts'. She works as a dancer and choreographer, and is co-founder of the performance companyRestoke(2009). Reynolds and her two fellow artists in  Restoke  work in dance theatre, music, visual arts and design producing participatory performance projects, primarily in derelict or disused buildings in Stoke-on-Trent to breathe new life into forgotten spaces. They are interested in what it is to be part of a community, their connection to buildings and the massive potential in the union of site and performance. They aim to inspire social change through the themes that emerge from their exploration of places and help to re-imagine a better city alongside fellow inhabitants.

Artist statement

The point of departure in Sabine Popp's work is the exploration of a specific geographical place and human beings' relation to it. Place creates the framework for a structure of daily life, where the individual's self-understanding is seen as manifested in the physical.

Material based on knowledge from related sources, and dialogue with representatives of professional or social environments, is brought in conjunction with subjective experience. The result is often an installation taking advantage of the site's materiality, combined with technology like video, photography or sound.

Popp wants to touch upon processes of transformation, which space and communities undergo due to historical, climate or socio-economic developments. Bodily experience and involvement with the physical parallel or oppose the application of surveying or analytical systems in our approach to and understanding of place. 

The project was finally shown in two versions, one installation at Spode and a second one in April 2014 in Bergen, Norway. Read more about  Work Study part 2


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