Tina Gibbs

Tina Gibbs (1954, India) studied Ceramics & Glass BA at Bucks and Chiltern University, graduating in 2003. Currently she is studying her MA in Ceramics at Buckinghamshire New University.


Tina Gibbs  has been based in High Wycombe for 28 years. After graduating from Bucks and Chiltern University, she went on to teach in Further Education at Reading College before starting her MA studies.

Artist statement

The omnipresent emptiness and abandonment encountered on the Spode site has been a starting point for my response to its former histories. Former remnants of the working factory have been restaged and concealed with a layer of liquid clay, yielding a ghost like quality. This layer of clay mutes these forms and creates a sense of loneliness that is enigmatic and elusive. The clay has the power to obscure and neutralize by 'shrouding' the memory of the object. It has become a revelation through concealment. By restaging this work in these empty spaces, charged with its history, I am trying to raise awareness of what has been lost. I am trying to honor the people and their activities that made this space a vibrant and exhilarating place to work.