Tone Saastad

Tone Saastad (1955, Norway) is based in Bergen. She graduated from Bergen Academy of Art and Design in 1980, where she now is working as an assistant professor.


Tone Saastad has since she graduated from Bergen Academy of Art and Design in 1980 worked both as an artist and a teacher. Saastad has exhibited widely both national and international, and has been purchased by museums and collections. She has conducted numerous public commissions, and also worked as artistic consultant in various public site specific projects. In 2007 she published "Displacements" - An Artistic Work Process - There, and Back Again, ISBN 978-82-8013-065-5, as part of the R&D program at KHiB.

Artist statement

My main interest and focus before and after entering the Spode factories, was: color, space and architecture, in addition to the abstract narratives to be found at site.

Tone Saastad at KHiB