Toril Redalen

Toril Redalen (1973, Norway) has been based in Todalen, Nordmøre since 2007. She holds an MA from Bergen Academy of Art and Design in Norway (2007).


In recent years Toril Redalen has received two national research stipends and has been artist in residence at Porsgrunn Porcelain Factory in Norway and at Kohler Factory in the USA.

Artist statement

My work is rooted in the discourse on contemporary craft-based art and craft traditions. The projects often relate to art history and cultural geography. I understandskillas a concept encompassing more than handiwork and tacit knowledge, hence an important part of my artistic practice is to participate in the physical work of particular places. This has not been simply in order to create my own works, but to participate in a larger community, such as a factory.



In and Amongst the Dust