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A walk through S

Andrew Brown will lead you on a sound walk around the original Spode Works site at 10.30 and 12 noon on Saturday the 5th of October.'A walk through S' leads participants through areas of the site, accompanied by sounds now absent and/or extinct, and designed to evoke former and present activity on the site.

The walk begins and ends in the Topographies Pavilion at the far end of the China Halls, and lasts for 30 minutes, with pre-loaded ipods provided for up to 25 participants.

Please note that the walk involves extensive walking to a pre-recorded schedule, up and down numerous staircases. Unfortunately therefore it is unsuitable for people without full mobility.

'A walk through S' is also available for download by visitors wishing to undertake the walk independently. Please ensure that you use stereo headphones in order to enjoy the full experience. Some headphones have been provided on the desk alongside the laptop in the Topographies Pavilion. Please ensure these are returned so that others can enjoy the walk.


Download the sound file

Many thanks are due to:
Ray Johnson at Staffordshire Film Archive
Alan Shenton
and colleagues from NTU, in particular Jim Boxall and Jon Gillie
Copyright remains with the individual contributors

Please visit for further details on Andrew Brown's art walks.