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My vision for the work is to achieve a sense of enclosing this space, protecting the essence of the location from the outside, comforting the building and keeping the use of clay within the building. The clay has been the life-force of this company for all of the many years it traded without this basic material there would never have been Spode. By coating the windows of the space. This in turn led on to many metaphors, such as filling the space with clay. Although very subtle, hopefully would make passer by wonder' what was on those windows? What was happening behind those windows? There are many references to shops closing down or changing their displays in this work. The layer of clay once dried would start to deteriorate and fall incorporating some of the patina built up over the years on the glass. It may take some time but it will eventually all fall off.  It would now, metaphorically, hold the DNA of the Spode building and those who worked there.