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Dancing in the Boardroom (Turnin' My Heartbeat Up)

The film 'Dancing in the Boardroom (Turnin' My Heartbeat Up)' came about through the staging of a Northern Soul dance event in the Boardroom at the disused Spode factory in Stoke-on-Trent. Through this film connections between post-industrial cities of Stoke and Detroit, where Northern Soul music largely originates, are made and issues such as the class system, labour and norms of behaviour are questioned. The dancers are seen dancing with passion in the empty, once splendid Boardroom at Spode leading to collisions of meaning, not least the questioning of the sanctity of the Boardroom - a place where traditionally the Managing Director of the factory and Board members would entertain buyers and guests. In the film, the room is transformed into a ballroom, a dance hall, where uplifting music is played and a couple dance, absorbed in their own movements and thoughts.