Project by

Field Investigation

The topic of my project is topography. Exactly like an archaeologist I roamed through the area of Stoke on Trent. I chose, collected, mapped, noted, inscribed and arranged what I found.

I collected everything that was somehow related to the factory, things I am interested in.  

In the evening, I always brought the back to the factory things I had found.
There, I arranged them in a specific order. Each item I had found was assigned the place I found it. The circle, my drawing ground, represents the radius where I was looking for items.  This is how I want to characterise, explore and draw the location around Stoke-on-Trent in a new manner. That way, I literally performed topography, "topography of the obsolete". The word topography is is of Greek origin (τόπος "place" and γράφω "write") and also means to draw a place, not just to write about it. By drawing a new topography, I am showing what is still left now. "Obsolete" refers to the former importance of the place as a centre of industry.