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Umbrella title for a group of interrelated works conceptualised, produced & curated from the ROUTEMASTER:Spode Office, both a physical & electronic space, extant Sept. 2013 - Dec. 2013?

Installation: an office (originally the heart of the factory: technical personnel, those who found solutions/kept production rolling) which it is possible to view into from 4 sides (goldfish bowl like) combining a static installation with a limited period of immersive, collaborative performance (with Julia Collura)

Staged to convey an atmosphere of competence, confrontation, on the brink of dis-function/chaos. A maximallist approach to intense detail: placing layers of suggested narrative, potential past/future/present actions/events and the files, plans, maps, tools/equipment (doctored), samples, reports, personal items...which are their alibis.  At the core lies thestate of health of the former employees, of the production process (of the objects produced), equipment and the very fabric of the buildings themselves. After a year of occupancy, a new layer of dust, light markings/fadings, together with evidence of recent activities, become part of the accretion.     

Description of the performance  "Glancing at Spode", a part of ROUTEMASTER:Spode Office. Created by Richard Launder and Julia Collura.