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Stitched Room

For the BCB 2013 I proposed a project that builds further on my experiences and research outcomes of the previous workshops at SPODE WORKS.

I wanted to utilise some interesting perforations in the sealing structure of the space. These features were suggesting that the space itself were, or at least could become, a sculptural body in its own right.

Eventually I found several rolls of so called IBM multi purpose ribbons. These are ink saturated nylon ribbons for old printer devices. These ribbons made a clear "drawing" in the space when suspended between the structural elements.

As a physical action the "stitching" of the space emphasises its sculptural properties.

Such an infiltration aims to voice the poetics hidden in the space. Highlighting the now missing veins and arteries of the architectural body, altering and negotiating the viewer's perception and experience. The now restraining ribbons, another reminiscence of the sites history, and dislocated, from its former function, could also symbolize the crumbling suspense present in a continuous decaying ruin or a derelict location.