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Work Study (Exercises in Creating a Short Circuit)

The work started out from the idea of efficiancy of action and movement related to production. Archives of schemes for following up, exercising and renewing working processes were found spread over the floor of an office space. The work study system was turned hollow and absurd with the ending of production. The project aimes at examining and acting out this absurdity.

One of the documents found was theBody Part Discomfort Form, a questionnaire on working conditions and body positions in relation to experienced pain. In dialogue with the local dancer and choreographer Clare Reynolds, and by using the forms' questions as an instigator, movements are acted out and filmed with a video camera to explore different spaces on site. The exploration of space as substitute for former production in the factory is carried out to discuss the body-space relationship and the connected human condition.



 The project continued in April 2014 in Bergen, Norway. Read more about Work Study part 2